About us

Every business is unique in its day to day operations which have been developed over the life span of the business. Every user has developed an efficient method of performing their daily tasks and your new solution should enhance this.

Users do not want a system that is difficult to use, understand and requires twice as much time and effort to perform the same task. By understanding the way your users work and how the business operates, we are able to prototype various solutions which not only enhance the users productivity, but also instil a confidence in the system.

Business Analysis

Once the initial business analysis has been done and a solid understanding of the business, its practices, and existing systems has been documented, we decided on the architecture of the solution.

The architecture type largely depends on the business and how the business wishes to use the application. A web application may suit one business and mobile iOS and Android apps may suit another, yet, other businesses may require a web application, combined with a server API and mobile apps for their clients.

Some businesses may also like to expose selected data or services to other companies via the web. All these factors and the internal IT infrastructure play a large role in developing a system architecture that is flexible and scalable enough to meet the business needs now and in the future.

Scalable Solutions

We utilize software design patterns to determine a suitable architecture for your solution. Patterns are a collection of guidelines developed over many years across many different application types to help developers build highly scalable and flexible solutions by using tried and tested methodologies and application designs.

By combining various patterns and utilizing various prebuilt libraries we are able to build a solid foundation for your new solution.

At OE we believe that only when a customer is fully satisfied with their solution, and it has been developed to surpass all their expectations, can the project be said to be complete. We have a passion for software development and it shows through our work.